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Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Reese, Queenstown

I’m sitting in my room here at the Reese Hotel in Queenstown…I should probably do some work…but I’m overlooking a river with snowy peak mountains on the other side…it is really difficult to consentrate.

I’ve been in a few hotels but this one is grand. Plasmas in every room. The broadband and hotel messaging service all work via the TV. Nice! I love the simplicity!

Wondering where to go get some lunch though.


NZ here I am

Right, before I start, I see wordpress finally got the Gravatar widget up and running. Right after I changed my pic!

Anyway… Here I’m sitting in New Zealand for a conference. It has been …. hold on I’m thinking … 11 years since I’ve seen snow… and it is as beautiful as I remember it…not yet felt it again though…will have to make a point to do that.

Working for a software company in Aus does have its perks!

Right, off to bed since I’m on support tomorrow…looking at my Laptop screen for an hour and out over the snowy peaks the rest.

My ever growing list of Pet Hates

I tend to rant and rave a lot…my wife can vouch for that. The main reason would be people’s stupidity. If you’ve read a few of my emails…You’ll know exactly what I mean.

Today, I’m adding two more points to my list of Pet hates.

The first would be people standing at the entrance of a train and at every stop, try to make them flat the paint, to let people past. Now this might be better than them not making space at all…but If you weigh 70kg’s or more, there is a big chance that you will never be as thin as pain, and people will have to squeeze past. (incoming and outgoing).

The second is the amount of  times my bus have to stop to pick people up. A rough count is about 10-11 stops for me. Once again that is fine if you live 5km or more from your destination…but people younger than 40 getting on the bus to drive 200 meters get under my skin… It is at that point when I make a noticeable growl and sigh combination…

New Pic?!?

It’s been a while…but I finaly got to changing my side bar avatar again….not that it is difficult…I’m just lazy when it gets to the smaller things…give me a big project to do…but the small things!!! 😛

Comics a-new

Today is not a very good day. Yesterday afternoon I was struck down by the flu…hopefully not swine flu…anyway…

So I’m here at home and have time to think about work, hobbies, games etc.

I’ve recently started up an online comic. I’m using the Toondoo cartoon tools to create the toons and enjoying it so far. I’ve also in my spare time started drawing my own comics… No indepth art work…basic characters and very short panels. I’ve finished one panel nad realised it sucks doing it on the computer. The next step would probably be doing it on normal paper using the ol’ pencil, then redraw using pens, scanning.

I’ll probably start the comic up as a feature in the ongoing one I got…then move over to more full-time dedicated site for the comic.