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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Internet down?

I have this general problem…when one of my favourite websites go down for an unknown reason, I would sit there and press the refresh button…continuously until I’m bored or remember another site I have to visit.

I know this will not actually get the website up and running again, but inface could cause more traffic to their servers….o well…refresh…


New comic out today

So I’ve been playing around with Toondoo’s comic creator and been enjoying it maybe a tad too much. But I never new it could be so much fun making fun of yourself and you own life. OK fine, it may not always be politically correct and maybe only funny to myself and the few friends I have (once again, I do actually have friends). But it is still nothing compared to Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine! and his blog is also one of the best I’ve read in a while :

So if you are bored, go take a look at my own….then again, you should be really bored:

Pain in the neck!

Interesting how carma works…or fate, call it what you will.

I’ve started a new Gym routine, and the second week got so caught up with the flu, that I was down for the count for at least a week. This week I’m back in the gym and after the first day, I either pulled a muscle in my back or a nerve got caught. Result being that I can’t turn my head …nice.

Don’t want to use this blog as a general rant and rave section, but this is really bluddy irretating.