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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Blog and blog and other

It is not easy trying to run two blogs, facebook, twitter and have a social life…social life…hold on…what is that?!?

Yes it is true, I do go out and about when I’m not working…not much, but I do. Trying to break free from the stereo type geek 😉


To blog about coding

New blog created.

I consulted a few friends and we are starting a new blog. Main idea was to create a blog about coding and all things coding related…Yeah!

There isn’t a lot added, but go take a look.

Time to blog and change

I’ve decided to start up the old blog again. A lot has happenned since last I posted anything and I’m not even going to try and explain what. But I have decided to change the content a tad. I will move away from martial arts. Although I still love it. I can not practice it anymore…so I will return to what I know…programming…and critising code. I’m “re-exploring” some old blogs on coding and a lot changed there as well. So when I’ve got more time, a lot will change on this ‘ol blog.