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Respect to the jar apps

Respect to the jar apps

So I’m stuck in London for 3 weeks.
Not that I’m complaining, but I don’t have internet on my pc at home.
Just on the phone.It’s not a big a phone. It is but a Motorola V360. But I have java. That must help for something.

So I started downloading. First up was mobile Gmail. Done. Very nice. Next was Movamessanger since MGTalk didn’t do the job. I needed a better Browser since te Vodafone one…yes well…lets leave it there. So I got Opera Mini 4.1. And I am impressed! Virtual mouse, scrolling, and then there  is the Zooming ability to see the full 800×600 resolution. But another clever thing is that even if it looks like a zoomable browser, it does actually try to allign text in a website so a paragraph is viewable when you zoom in. So most of the time you only have to scroll down when reading, and not to left and right as well.

So I can chat, email, and browes the web. Get onto facebook and then some…

Then there is that not only has a huge library of mobile apps, but it also detects your mobile and can give search results for your mobile.

So…in conclusion.
I can keep in touch with people and since I’m on a £2.50 browes uncapped for 5 days, I can all but blog, and upload files to the web.


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