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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Domain stats

So I found a site on the net that you can compare a few domain hits against fears competitors.  So lets have a look.

There is some other interesting stats as well, i.e. had a growth of 325.1% the last year. So it is not bad at all.

Depending off course that this site’s stats are correct


Respect to the jar apps

Respect to the jar apps

So I’m stuck in London for 3 weeks.
Not that I’m complaining, but I don’t have internet on my pc at home.
Just on the phone.It’s not a big a phone. It is but a Motorola V360. But I have java. That must help for something.

So I started downloading. First up was mobile Gmail. Done. Very nice. Next was Movamessanger since MGTalk didn’t do the job. I needed a better Browser since te Vodafone one…yes well…lets leave it there. So I got Opera Mini 4.1. And I am impressed! Virtual mouse, scrolling, and then there  is the Zooming ability to see the full 800×600 resolution. But another clever thing is that even if it looks like a zoomable browser, it does actually try to allign text in a website so a paragraph is viewable when you zoom in. So most of the time you only have to scroll down when reading, and not to left and right as well.

So I can chat, email, and browes the web. Get onto facebook and then some…

Then there is that not only has a huge library of mobile apps, but it also detects your mobile and can give search results for your mobile.

So…in conclusion.
I can keep in touch with people and since I’m on a £2.50 browes uncapped for 5 days, I can all but blog, and upload files to the web.