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Stupidity needs a SLAP!!

I hate seeing people doing stupid things.

You know, those things that you could have seen coming a mile away, and once it happens, its all: “oh-no, how did this happen??” and “What the hell just happened?”.

I could help, but would rather wait for it to happen and just give them a slap there after. Monty Python’s flying circus had the best idea. It was an armored knight with a rubber chicken that would appear right after some one did something stupid, and slap them. Right over the head with the rubber chicken.

Or we can do the following, get a ‘No Stupiding’ sign and whack people over the head with it when they are stupid or you see it comming.

Either way, I like both ideas. So it boils down to which is cheaper. A rubber chicken can be concealed as well, were as a sign is not that easy, but at least they will think before doing something stupid when they see it.

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