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Cool Geeky Google Apps…

For about a week now, I’ve been delving deeper into Google’s apps. More specifically, Google Desktop, Google Documents and Google Calendar.
I was amazed at what ease some features are available. As an example. I’ve set up a spreadsheet in GoogleDocs that contain some useful info for me and the wife.
I then shared it with her google  account and we are both now able to change the data and keep an up to date version  available to us both.
I don’t know what will be  the effect of us both editing the file at the same time, but it would be interesting later.

Then there is Google Calendar. Easy to use and access all over the  net. Not only that, there is a little tool available that Sync my Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. So all events are in-sync.
Nice, but wait, there’s more. Different ways of reminders. Like, popup, email and…sms. Very nice.

Now to the more geeky part of this post. Google Desktop. Not allowed to use the Desktop Search in a business environment, I’m pretty much just using some other features, some of which includes the calendar on the side, scratch pad, RSS news feeds, a simple calculator, a clock showing me my home country’s time and some other little cosmetic gadgets like showing my picassa pics.
I’m sure there are numerous  stuff I haven’t mentioned, but it is a start. Next I’ll prob look into getting GTalk to work on my mobile and getting it working to the extent where I can use GTalk’s call functionality over the phone.


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