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Xenophobia – South Africa

What is happening over there? I like to read a news articles about my home country…but the past few days is a disaster. I read it began a week ago when people in Alexandra started attacking immigrants  from neighbouring countries. This happened before because they are used as scapegoats for all  kinds of problems in South Africa the moment.

Now I don’t like reading news from only one source as the chances are big that they are biased. So I read news from all over the world. Some of which includes BBC, SMH, IOL, Beeld.  This morning it all read the same.

5 killed – 2 from being set on fire while alive, and 3 beaten to death. 50 injured from gunshot  wounds and beatings… This is not humane this is blatant barbaric. I always thought that the worst death would be by fire and the most barbaric way of killing someone is by blunt beating. And it is happening now…in a country I grew up in.

The immigrants (some of which are illegal) are flooding to police stations and staying there as they are scared for their lives. A church who housed over a 1000 scared immigrants were attacked and the bishop later said in an interview : “We consider that the situation is getting so serious that the police can no longer control it.”

What does  our president do…take  a wild guess. He would set up a panel of experts to investigate the violence. A panel of experts….what does that mean for those being slaughtered every day now? Nothing… I would like to read in tomorrow’s paper that a solution is in place and the results can be seen, but alas, I think that will not happen.

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