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Some Stats

Lets start with the SA Rand vs Aus dollar… Now doesn’t that look sad..

Stats of the Rand vs AusDollar

but wait…there is more.

  • This  release  uses  the  cohort-component  method  to  estimate  the  2007  mid-year population  of  South  Africa.  Provincial  estimates  are  based  on  the  latest  available boundary information obtained from the Demarcation Board.
  • The  2007  mid-year  population  is  estimated  at  approximately  47,9  million  of  which approximately 24,3 million (51%) is female.
  • Kwazulu-Natal has the largest share of the South African population. About 21% of the population lives in this province.
  • Life  expectancy  at  birth  is  estimated  at  approximately  49  years  for  males  and  52 years for females. Life expectancy at birth is highest in the Western Cape and lowest in Kwazulu-Natal.
  • The  estimated  overall HIV-prevalence  rate  is approximately  11%.  The  HIV  positive population is estimated at approximately 5,3 million.
  • The infant mortality rate (IMR) is estimated at 45,2 per 1000.

Population Groupings

  • Aficans – 38 079 900
  • Coloured – 4 245 000
  • Indian/Asian – 1 173 700
  • White – 4 352 100

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