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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Stupidity needs a SLAP!!

I hate seeing people doing stupid things.

You know, those things that you could have seen coming a mile away, and once it happens, its all: “oh-no, how did this happen??” and “What the hell just happened?”.

I could help, but would rather wait for it to happen and just give them a slap there after. Monty Python’s flying circus had the best idea. It was an armored knight with a rubber chicken that would appear right after some one did something stupid, and slap them. Right over the head with the rubber chicken.

Or we can do the following, get a ‘No Stupiding’ sign and whack people over the head with it when they are stupid or you see it comming.

Either way, I like both ideas. So it boils down to which is cheaper. A rubber chicken can be concealed as well, were as a sign is not that easy, but at least they will think before doing something stupid when they see it.


I be oft!

So I’m a heading to London Thursday.

I’m excited, yet sad. I’ll be leaving the lady here and going alone.

No fun, all work related…but…I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a little fun time.

And post some photos I hope.

Cool Geeky Google Apps…

For about a week now, I’ve been delving deeper into Google’s apps. More specifically, Google Desktop, Google Documents and Google Calendar.
I was amazed at what ease some features are available. As an example. I’ve set up a spreadsheet in GoogleDocs that contain some useful info for me and the wife.
I then shared it with her google  account and we are both now able to change the data and keep an up to date version  available to us both.
I don’t know what will be  the effect of us both editing the file at the same time, but it would be interesting later.

Then there is Google Calendar. Easy to use and access all over the  net. Not only that, there is a little tool available that Sync my Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. So all events are in-sync.
Nice, but wait, there’s more. Different ways of reminders. Like, popup, email and…sms. Very nice.

Now to the more geeky part of this post. Google Desktop. Not allowed to use the Desktop Search in a business environment, I’m pretty much just using some other features, some of which includes the calendar on the side, scratch pad, RSS news feeds, a simple calculator, a clock showing me my home country’s time and some other little cosmetic gadgets like showing my picassa pics.
I’m sure there are numerous  stuff I haven’t mentioned, but it is a start. Next I’ll prob look into getting GTalk to work on my mobile and getting it working to the extent where I can use GTalk’s call functionality over the phone.

Xenophobia – South Africa

What is happening over there? I like to read a news articles about my home country…but the past few days is a disaster. I read it began a week ago when people in Alexandra started attacking immigrants  from neighbouring countries. This happened before because they are used as scapegoats for all  kinds of problems in South Africa the moment.

Now I don’t like reading news from only one source as the chances are big that they are biased. So I read news from all over the world. Some of which includes BBC, SMH, IOL, Beeld.  This morning it all read the same.

5 killed – 2 from being set on fire while alive, and 3 beaten to death. 50 injured from gunshot  wounds and beatings… This is not humane this is blatant barbaric. I always thought that the worst death would be by fire and the most barbaric way of killing someone is by blunt beating. And it is happening now…in a country I grew up in.

The immigrants (some of which are illegal) are flooding to police stations and staying there as they are scared for their lives. A church who housed over a 1000 scared immigrants were attacked and the bishop later said in an interview : “We consider that the situation is getting so serious that the police can no longer control it.”

What does  our president do…take  a wild guess. He would set up a panel of experts to investigate the violence. A panel of experts….what does that mean for those being slaughtered every day now? Nothing… I would like to read in tomorrow’s paper that a solution is in place and the results can be seen, but alas, I think that will not happen.

Some Stats

Lets start with the SA Rand vs Aus dollar… Now doesn’t that look sad..

Stats of the Rand vs AusDollar

but wait…there is more.

  • This  release  uses  the  cohort-component  method  to  estimate  the  2007  mid-year population  of  South  Africa.  Provincial  estimates  are  based  on  the  latest  available boundary information obtained from the Demarcation Board.
  • The  2007  mid-year  population  is  estimated  at  approximately  47,9  million  of  which approximately 24,3 million (51%) is female.
  • Kwazulu-Natal has the largest share of the South African population. About 21% of the population lives in this province.
  • Life  expectancy  at  birth  is  estimated  at  approximately  49  years  for  males  and  52 years for females. Life expectancy at birth is highest in the Western Cape and lowest in Kwazulu-Natal.
  • The  estimated  overall HIV-prevalence  rate  is approximately  11%.  The  HIV  positive population is estimated at approximately 5,3 million.
  • The infant mortality rate (IMR) is estimated at 45,2 per 1000.

Population Groupings

  • Aficans – 38 079 900
  • Coloured – 4 245 000
  • Indian/Asian – 1 173 700
  • White – 4 352 100

Go karting done

So for the first time in years I went go-karting and was it fun!

I was not the slowest on the track as I suspected I would be, but def not the fastest.

that is me!

So that is me…number 16, ready to race.

Overtaking on outside

And there I go overtaking on the outside.

Unfortunately I couldn’t finish al fouth heats of the race. I had a throbbing headache, which the karting didn’t help, and my knees didn’t want to work as they should.

But alas, it was great fun and I’m just happy I got away with all my body parts as the end of the race was dominated with spinnes and collisions.

Karting in OZ

So torrow I’m going go-karting in Sydney.

Think the place is Eastern Creek Go-Karting path.

I can’t remember when last I have gone karting. So tomorrow is going to be an experience. I will prob place some fotos on the web…hehe…except if I crash to many times or end up in the hospital