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Martial Arts vs/and Religion Part IV

Now there are aspects of both these articles that I do not agree with. As a matter of fact I do think that both Authors contradict themselves in more than one place in their posts. And they tend to exaggerate just a tad.

But I’m not a pastor, nor a Taoist master. So it is a difficult situation to be in. I can only explain what I have experienced. I have been doing non martial art exercises for a long time. But doing martial arts without knowing anything about the religions that connect themselves with Eastern Martial Arts, I still felt a sense of inner calm that not other exercise could give me. After doing a bit of research on Taoism, I could actually see ways of using some principles without coming into religious crossfire from any side. And it never changed my views on my religious beliefs or the way I look at other Religions.

More than this I can not say, since, as I said, I’m not trained in theology but this does open a broad area of conversation and views to be raised.

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