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Martial Arts vs/and Religion Part I

In my off time before I start working, I’m actually doing in depth research on the origins of Martial Arts. Not just Eastern but the concept of martial arts etc. Going back to Nuba wrestling as depicted in the Beni-Hasan tombs near egypt.

Now as can be expected it crosses a lot of religions, may it be the Roman Catholics, Muslims, Taoists, Buddists etc etc etc…

Keep in mind that I’m a religious person and I’m a Christian, so I looked more into my own religion.

I came across two posts with quite different views. They are lengthy to say the least so I divided this blog section in to different parts.

The 2nd part will show the article concerning a Christians’ view to Eastern Martial Arts and then part 3 will show an Taoist‘s response. Lastly I will add my 2c.

I would love to hear your view on this.


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