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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Here and living the life

Ok so we arived a few weeks ago and are staying in the CBD.

It is beautiful here! Haven’t seen all the sites, but getting more excited.

So what else has been happening? I’ve been looking for a job and it is going slower than I hoped. But alas, there is not much I can do about that now. I wait.

I’m burning to start Martial Arts training again, but then again…I need a job and money for that don’t I…


Bags are packed, ready to go. (almost)

So things have been going wild the past few days.

I got married to a beautiful lady on the 16th of Feb and when we returned from honeymoon, the orginization started for the moving to Australia.

Tickets are booked, most people said their farewells with a stream of tears and in a few days we are flying.

Yip, the 6th of March we will be flying high over the seas.

Now what awaits? Getting a job in Aus. Got a few people lined up, so we will se what happens there. Hopefully it will not be to long before the money starts rolling in.