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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Bitefight… too much time

As stated in a previous post, I’m looking at some web based time wasters.

I originally started a vampire in and then got a grand idea to start a warewolf with a clan…named Tertius! (One plus for having a latin name).

So here is the link for my new born warewolf : Warewolf Tertius

I started a Gladiator….Tertius (really???) … on server one of gladiatus… much more strategic, a few quests to do, a bigger city and a goal of becoming the ultimate gladiator.

So that said, I’ll try out the rest in time to come.


Alot happening

A lot happening in the few days to come.

Firstly I heard my Visa to go to Oz has been aproved, so that is a huge burden off our shoulders.

Then there is my wedding taking place this weekend. A lot of planning has been done and then some. So hopefully it all turns out well.


Since I got some time on my hands, I decided to check out some of the internet based games…

I started out with bitefight…you can have a look here :

So far I haven’t done much, I realized that I just committed to a  3 hours training session in a graveyard…so while that is happening…I’ll just browse around.

Learning through not learning

I talked to many people about martial arts and every time I found that even though one can learn a lot from other people, I hated talking about any form of martial arts, even fencing etc.

I realised that in this transition time where I’m moving to Australia, I’m not being instructed by anyone, I left my kwoon since a lot of work goes in to getting married and moving.

But I’m feeling a big emptiness while not training and thus does not like to talk about any for of martial art, just for the fact that I’m jealous of anyone being able to train and learn.