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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Last day until the new beginning

So it is my last day on the job…and yes, even though I’m writing here, I do have a bit of work left.

Mixed feelings…but to see a company go from Hero to zero in less than a year makes it easier to go. Negativity is ruling most of the employees and the management does (maybe) not realise this or are just to blind to see it.

Sad but true….I haven’t received a payslip in ..mmm….5 months…that doesn’t mean I didn’t get paid, but still…little things that must happen…is just not happening. Another thing…there is no milk to make coffee!!!!

But all said and done, I did receive experience that is more valuable than a pay slip. I’ll miss the people.

And now a lot more to happen before we leave for OZ.


Time Wasters

So I found one of many time wasters. There is a site called where one can create your own city…Not realy a SimCity, but a nice time waster.

Go have a look and create your own.

Speed bump

So we encountered a little speed bump…

We were informed that the lady’s Visa application is ready and she needs to go to the Aus embassy to get it stamped into the passport. One problem…mine is not.

Apparently they haven’t received my X-rays yet…we thought that is a tad odd, since my X-rays and the lady’s was in the same folder sent to them. Signed, received and attached to the forms they received because all my information is already on their systems.

We replied to them with the above mentioned information and are now waiting for a more informative response from their side.

Hopefully we will not need to do another X-ray and send it again since that will add another 4 weeks of stress and waiting.

Betty’s Bay Art Route Gallery

I did a website for Betty’s Bay Art Route gallery in South Africa.

go have a look. it is quite new and some features are under construction but the main look and feel is running. The link :

The gallery and coffee haven are run by Laetitia and Briand Louw. Displaying various artwork from local artists.

Martial Arts: Starting anew.

I did Northern long fist for 5 months before the whole relocating to Australia.  I decided to continue my training in OZ and even sought out a few Kung Fu schools that closely resembles the system I started with.

Yesterday I thought about it again. I’m young and have been exposed only to one art form. Why not try the others and see which suits my needs of training best? I’ll even go so far as to say that I’m currently looking at Japanese martial art forms like Aikido, Hapkido and some branches of karate. A wise choice?? I don’t know. But why not take a chance and try?

After holidays episodes

So the holidays should be at a complete end. For some of us anyway.

I’ve been lazy this pas few weeks, I know, but from today will be back to the training rooms  in full swing.  Because of the relocation and other events that will take place the weeks I had to quit stop the Kung Fu training until relocated to OZ. This is bad. I know the school starts this week and I will not be attending 😦

But it happens. O yes. A quick way to spring clean your house…. immigrate. Throwing away a lot of all the stuff that will not be taken over.

Distorted Theory.

So here is a theory you never thought of.

Those who have watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, have seen how they run on
water…nice special effect that the Chinese perfected.

Now in reality if you all from a high bridge. You hit the water at close to termenal
velocity. The water then acts as a concrete barrier and you’ll most likely get crushed.
So what if you use you feet and hit the water at a high speed. Right after, you lift your feet again before it brakes the water. Thus it would be like stepping very fast on a concrete pavement…right….wrong.
So this distorted theory states that it is theoretically possible to run on water!?! and break some bones while doing so.