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Candy teaching to load guns

First off…this is intended as a joke and should not be taken seriously.

I love looking at all the crap in a candy shop. You get a toy with crappy tasting candy included.
An example is a PEZ-candy-dispenser. Now the candy included is not that bad and as long as I can
remember these candy bars exists. Then one day the lady bought me one for the joke of it and I had
a closer look….As any man would.

Loading the candy into one of these dispensers are a lot like loading a magazine for a pistol.

Have a look :

This image I found at

Notice how your pull the head (trigger)
back and it dispenses another candy “cartridge”?

Here is the second image I found on wikipedia.

Once again…spring loaded with a releasing mechanism…interesting is it not??? Or this could be like an ink only
see what you want to see. But a PEZ candy sweet in the mouth tastes a lot better than a lead bullet.

I later found out that what I thought was a little toy found in candy shops…there are a lot of people
actually collecting these PEZ dispensers and we only saw the very simple ones.

The PEZ collecting hobby has grown to the point where several conventions are held annually around the world. The oldest convention is PEZ-A-MANIA, which has been held in Ohio since 1991. Conventions are also annually held in Missouri, California, Minnesota, Connecticut, South Carolina, and Austria. PEZ conventions are a place where collectors and dealers can meet to buy and sell PEZ merchandise. There are also typically auctions for charity and games and contests with PEZ items as prizes.

There even exists a PEZ card game…yes….a card game.

And lastly there is the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia.

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