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Training and Physical Routines

orig posted November 28th, 2007

Yesterday was a chicken slaughter to say the least. And it made me wonder.
What does a good training and physical routine consist of?
This question can be extended to the way the instructor presents the class as well. And what factors will effect the way the routines are executed? So let’s start at the beginning. So that this piece does not start looking like a general rant.


Everywhere you will read that stances, forms and applications must be done before a physical. This will ensure that the student pays full attention to what they should learn. This will also keep up moral as the student will be able to perform the given tasks at their peak. There after the physical should commence. Now for the record; I have no problem with that and agree. But to what extend should the student be drilled to a pulp?
Being tired and being exhausted is two totally different flavors added to make food better or destroy the taste. Being exhausted overshadows everything one learnt. Thus leaving most of the class at waste. There is one good thing that I could think of but this is the same for being tired or exhausted, you learn where your physical weaknesses are.


I recon even the instructors are human. Leaving them open to human error and faults. But since they teach and we learn the general principle applies that you keep your personal life at bay and bringith only you professional side. This is not the most easy task I understand completely. But that being said. Here is another thought. Which instructor is the better? The one that tells the students what to do and walks around talking in between? Or the one that will do everything with the students, from stances, forms, physicals? Sounds like a lot to ask? I don’t think so. An instructor is at such an advance level, the basics which we should be doing should not even cause the to break a sweat. Now there is the fact that the instructor should be checking to see if we are doing all stances and forms correctly…Agreed. But there is more than one instructor at all times. And the head of the Kwoon is there as well.

Training Factors

So I’ve been typing a lot and thought I should wrap up this last part quickly. Some of the factors include the people you train with, the Kwoon, time of day and the heat factor.
No matter how you look at it, it is demoralising to do a physical and being taken out because one of your class mates should be explained over and over again how to do a push-up. The last three factors I mentioned almost falls into the same category. If the Kwoon is not well ventilated…No luck, you will suffer. If it is late afternoon, the chances are big that you will not perform at peak since a lot of energy goes into the daily tasks. And lastly the heat factor will not only exhaust a student. It could be very dangerous. This should be considered by the head of the Kwoon, the instructor and the student in that order.


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