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Pressure Points

There are many kyusho secrets showing where and how to strike human pressure points . All it takes is some in-depth research and careful practice to learn and master the Karate bunkai of pressure points strikes. Learning to strike vulnerable human pressure points correctly is much better than relying on brute strength, fast speed and all those kime, hip rotation, dropping or tensing techniques taught in many typical sports-oriented Karate training everywhere. After all, we cannot fight “father time” and as we age or grow old, our physical abilities will diminish with time too. You cannot expect to fight like a youth at 50 years old.

This is where good knowledge of human pressure points will allow you to maintain your “fighting” capability, especially if you practice pressure points strikes regularly. Just like the acupuncturist who make use of the constructive cycle of human pressure points to heal a person, the Karateka make use of pressure points strikes to control, restrain, knockout, injure or even kill a person.

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