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Kung Fu Weapons

orig posted : 22nd October, 2007

During the 5000 year history of martial arts weapons, styles, shapes, materials and fabrication techniques have changed from one dynasty to the next. Within the period of one dynasty, which may have lasted 800 years, countless numbers of Chinese weapons evolved. To characterize this multitude of arms, 18 kinds of weapons including long, short, very short, soft and projectile have been chosen. A martial artist proficient with all these types would be said to have mastered the “eighteen kinds of martial techniques.” The following list corresponds to a small sample of a variety of weapons.

1. Double Daggers
2. Double Sai
3. Double Broadsword
4. Large Sweeper
5. Nine Ring Long-Handle Sword
6. Double Axe
7. Double Halberd
8. Double Head Spear
9. Nine Ring Broadsword
10. Double Double-edge Sword
11. Butterfly Knife
12. Flute
13. Walking Cane
14. Fire Wheel
15. Fan
16. Hammer
17. Bow and Arrow
18. Seven Sectional Chain
19. Golden Coin Shovel
20. Tiger Fork
21. Long Handle Axe
22. General Kwan Long Sword
23. Chay Yang Long-handle Sword
24. Moonteeth Shovel
25. Army Sword
26. Halberd
27. Spear
28. Snake Spear
29. Staff
30. Hook
31. 3-Sectional Stick
32. Shield


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